Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Day 2 of the 21 Day Daily Data Challenge

Welcome to Day 2 of the21  Day Daily Data Challenge!  Well I have to admit, I thought there might be some challenges in this challenge, but I didn't think I would encounter them on Day 2!  Life happens to a School Counselor and we make choices about our day and some are made for us.  Which upon reflection tells me I need to take care of my daily data challenge first thing if at all possible.  A forgotten meeting, (I'm sure that kind of thing never happens to you) two hysterical students, 3 classroom lessons and an impromptu but very productive data chat with my school psychologist meant very little time left to collect today's data.  But I did get most of it, with a promise from my very exceptional front office receptionist to hunt down the rest first thing tomorrow.  Two of the things I noticed that are not on the ASCA Data School Profile Sheet is free and reduced lunch statistics and homeless statistics.  Can you think of others we should include?  I'm also thinking under School Safety there should be a place to put information about  total number of referrals along with maybe the disaggregation of that data.  Share what you think is missing off this School Data Profile Sheet and I will work on creating one more appropriate for elementary.  Let me hear how your demographics round-up went for you by posting on the Exploring School Counseling Facebook page.

Tomorrow is Day 3 and we are gathering information on School Improvement goals.  This may not sound like "data" to you, but when you start looking at developing a comprehensive school counseling program, including your school improvement goals, your data, and student competencies will help to more effectively drive the planning needs of your program.

All the best to each one of you as you continue to round-up these data pieces.  Hopefully your pursuit of these items will generate some healthy conversations about what School Counselors can and should be doing!

If you are not familiar with the 21 Day Daily Data Challenge and are interested in learning more, it's not too late to join us.  Check out all the details HERE.

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