About Me

My name is Jeannie Maddox and I have been an elementary School Counselor for 30 years. This coming school year I am excited to be making the move to middle school.  My undergraduate degree is from Florida State University and my Masters of Education in School Counseling is from Stetson University.  I have worked as a School Counselor intern supervisor and taught  school counseling graduate students at my local university.  I am member of the American School Counselors Association, a board member, legislative team member, and Co-Chair of the Professional Recognition Committee for the  Florida School Counselor Association, and the president of the Volusia School Counselor Association.  I am the founder and organizer of the Westside PLC group where School Counselors in our district have a chance to come together monthly to support one another and share ideas. I love listening to and talking with children, teachers, and parents.  I enjoy working with students one on one, teaching them in the classroom, and watching them get excited about the new skills they have learned. I am excited about the new skills I am learning involving technology and ideas shared from other School Counselors and the opportunity to share them in this blog.


  1. Jeannie, when I was going through National Board in 2008, the kindest Florida counselor named Jeannie was a tremendous help to me. I met her through a yahoo support group for NBCTs and candidates. I cannot remember her last name but I am wondering if you are her? I will never be able to repay her for the help, guidance, encouragement and honesty she provided so willingly. Since I am a master procrastinator, she was as shocked and thrilled as I when I passed in year one. I just stumbled onto your site and, after reading your profile, because so curious wondering if you are "my Jeannie". I have completely lost touch with her since 2009.

  2. Hi Denise,
    Wow! Yes it is me! So glad to hear from you. Congratulations on passing NBCT on the first try! What are you doing these days?