Saturday, September 26, 2015

More Google Goodness!!!

WOW!!! Thank you to everyone for you overwhelmingly positive response to my Counselor Activity Log.  I've had a number of requests for other forms folks saw in the Google Forms PowerPoint I shared.  I never really thought anyone would be interested in those, but since you've asked, I'm glad to share them as well.

Step by Step on how to copy a form!
When you see a form you would like to use you must first do the following before making any changes or adding data.
1) Click on the form link below.
2) Click on "Make a copy"
3) It is now in your Google Drive.  Go ahead check  your Google Drive just to be sure.  Is it there? Good!
4) Now,  open it and edit away!!! Go wild! Make it your very own!  Change the header! Customize it to your school and your needs!

Adding a link to your Desktop
I have found from personal experience I will use my forms more often if they are handy and I am not searching through my Google drive for them.
1) Copy the URL of your color live form with the little icon of the pencil in a colored box at the top of the page
2) Go to your Desktop and right click your mouse on the Desktop
3) Choose new, then shortcut
4)  You will get a box asking what you would like to create a short cut for, paste the URL of the color copy of your form there
5) You will be asked to create a name for your shortcut ( ex: Activity Log, Minute Meeting, etc.)
6) Then click finish and there it is on your Desktop.  Just add Data!!!

Sharing my forms
Below you will find 8 of the forms I have created for use in my school counseling program.  Please remember to COPY to your Drive before EDITING!  Enjoy!

Counselor Phone log
Teacher Survey of Counseling Program
Group Counseling Record Log
On-line Counseling Referral Form for teachers
Minute Meetings with the Counselor, general
Minute Meetings, behavior
Minute Meetings, attendance
Minute Meetings, grades

Send your on-line counseling form link  to your teachers and include instructions for adding it to their desk top so they can easily make referrals to you.  Be sure to go under "Tools" on the Responses page and set "Notification Rules" so you are notified when a referral is submitted to your gmail.

I hope these forms are helpful to you for collecting data and documenting how you spend your time as a  School Counselor.  Are there other forms you would like to see?  Do you have forms you have created?  Please share your ideas!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Creating a Counselor Activity Log with Google Forms

Another new school year and I am renewing my vow to myself to use technology and give my best effort to going paperless. Again.  I truly LOVE Google Forms and have found lots of ways to use them.  All were successful but one, recording my daily activities.  And it wasn't the form, it was me. Last year, try as I might to make them work, I just wasn't able to keep up with it. When I sat down and analyzed what had happened I identified 3 problems.  One, my form was not on my desk top so it was not readily accessible and  I would spend too much time searching for it in my Google Drive. Second, I think I tried to collect too much information.   Rather just trying to click that I had performed a specific task for a specific amount of time I was trying to keep notes too. A bad idea for time and confidentiality sake.  Third once I got behind, psychologically, it just seemed like to much to do to catch up.

Google forms, round 2!
But now I am ready to try again.  I have redesigned my form a bit, adding a drop down menu of teachers, grade level, reasons students may want to see me, and who referred them.  Anything to make it click and go.  I still have my notes section in case there is something I did not think of or that needs to be part of my record. Another great thing about Google forms is you can continue to edit them even after you have started collecting data. Click the black "edit this form" button at the top of the page of the "color" form and you will get the gray "editable version."  Make your additions, deletions or corrections, close it up and continue collecting  data.  Need to edit a response?  Click on the "edit form" button on the color form, go to the gray form and click on the "View Responses" tab.  When it opens, scroll down to the entry you want to edit and make your needed changes.  I will still keep a file on each student I see with more specific notes and memory aides. This form will allow me to track my daily time  and whether it is spent on direct/indirect services and non-counselor related duties.

How's my progress?
Four weeks in and I am up-to-date on my daily entries!  Looking at my data, already I see I am spending more time with classes than individuals,  However, that is okay, as classroom lessons are a Tier 1 intervention where I lay the foundation of my program and skills training with ALL students. It is where I feel I get the biggest and best value for my time.  With all my classes plus the individuals I am seeing, it comes out to more than 80% of my daily time is being spent in direct services to students and what could be better than that!

Truly, creating a shortcut on my desk top to my form has made a huge difference.  It only takes a minute, literally, to click down the list of items on my form to record each activity.  If you are interested in using Google forms, here is a link to my form to help get you started. You are welcome to make a copy and make edits that fit for you and your counseling program. I love Google forms and find them easy to create and edit.  It is also easy to share data about your program and how your time is being spent (or encumbered!).  Google forms also creates beautiful graphs.  All you have to do is click on summary of responses to see its colorful creations.This is essential as we advocate for the best use of the School Counselor's time and also provides us with a valuable accountability piece.

Google forms step by step.
If you are new to Google forms, I am linking a PowerPoint presentation about some of their many uses and how to create your own forms.  You will find slides 30, 31 and 32 especially helpful for taking a copy of my form and making it your own.  Remember you must make a copy of my form before it will show up on your Google Drive.  Otherwise, your data will be stored on my form, in my drive and you will not be able  to access it.  Also, anyone else who decides to edit my form will also be editing your form. And, I wouldn't want your hard work to go to waste!

Please feel free to contact me with questions or more ideas for forms. Good Luck with your forms!  I think you're going to love them!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Free Bully Resource!!! Order yours today !!! Spread the Word!!!

Two years ago, Lizzie Sider, an energetic and talented young lady visited our school with her "Nobody Has the Power to Ruin Your Day" anti-bully assembly. For weeks prior to her visit we listened to her single, "Butterfly" so we would know all the words and could sing along when she arrived. My students made posters and butterfly decorations to hang in our cafetorium to greet her.  She was an instant hit at our school with her beautiful spirit and singing voice.  She shared her story of being bullied and how she has used music to help herself and others. Her kindness and compassion were genuine as she took the time to talk to each student, pose for photos, and give hugs.  Lizzie is a teen-ager with a passion to be a singer and to share her anti-bully message with students everywhere. 

Today I received the following email and just as Lizzie asked I am sharing this free resource with all of you.  We would love to have Lizzie return, but since we can't this is the next best thing!

You’re gonna love what we are putting together for the kids and teachers this year.
Hi, Lizzie Sider here.
Over the last 2 years, I have been to more than 350 schools across America on my Nobody Has the Power to Ruin Your Day National Bully Prevention School Assembly Tour. 
More than likely, I have been to your school or district, and now I respectfully request a BIG FAVOR.
Since I cannot get to enough schools, in person, we are creating a really great 30 minute bully prevention DVD that closely tracks the content of my live assembly. My goal is to get this no cost program into as many elementary and middle schools as we can.
Each school will receive the DVD, and a Booklet with discussion questions for the teachers to use back in the classrooms, as well as enough Nobody Has the Power to Ruin Your Day bracelets, for each student to receive one. All at no cost to the School. NO strings attached.
Please email me back to say “yes” that your school would like our no cost package.  Please let me know how many students you have and your contact info and we will put your school on the list.
Shipping is anticipated to be mid to late October, 2015, but we will be in contact with you before that.
Help us get the Word Out, PLEASE!!!!
I am hoping you will forward this email, including the below video from me, to your associates and colleagues at other schools along with your personal recommendation. 
Thanks so much for all that you do for our kids, and for your continued support.

The Lizzie Sider Bully Prevention Team
If you would like your school to receive this No Cost program, please respond with the name of your school, address, contact person and number of kids and email directly to:
Send all correspondence to:
Click here to visit my website:
Copyright © 2015 Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day Inc., All rights reserved
Copyright © 2015 Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day Inc., All rights reserved.
Our mailing address is: 

Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day, Inc.

The Berkeley - Suite 200

6751 North Federal Highway

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