Volusia County Schools, Spring 2017
The ABC's of Implementing a Comprehensive School Counseling 

Florida School Counselor Association 2016, Orlando

De-mystifying Data (3 hours)
Data answers the question, "How are students different because of what School Counselors do?" Where do you find it and what do you do with it once you have it? How do you take your identified data from a pile of numbers to a Comprehensive School Counseling Program? Spend some time in this interactive session learning to understand data terms and tools as e disaggregate data, learn to create SMART goals and write and action plan.

Creating Calendar Magic: Taking Control of Your Counseling Schedule (75 minutes)
School Counselors whether new or experienced, are always looking for ways to protect their time and plan their programming.  Together we will examine ways to set boundaries on your time, organize your calendar, clean-up your schedule, and plan for lessons, groups and special events.

Florida School Counselor Association 2015, Orlando
On the Road to a Data Informed School Counseling Program

Florida School Counselor Association 2014, Orlando 
Google Forms:  Step by Step Instructions for School Counselors

Evidence Based School Counseling Conference 2016, Athens, Georgia
21 Day Daily Data Challenge (50 minutes)
The word "data" elicits a range of emotions from School Counselors from scowls to smiles. Knowing where to find data, what data to use and how to use it is only part of the problem.  Finding the motivation to get started on what seems an overwhelming and monumental task keeps many School Counselors from using data to inform and develop their program. The 21 Day Daily Data Challenge gently introduces School Counselors to the idea of locating, gathering, organizing, disaggregating, analyzing, and utilizing their data to create just one SMART goal with a measurable outcome for sharing with stakeholders.  Because sometimes, it’s just so darn hard to get started!

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