Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 19 of the 21 Day Daily Data Challenge

Today was the day to implement your intervention! I hope many of you have been able to stay with the schedule and reach the implementation point with me.  Unfortunately, I am now off a day because I am using a group I have already been seeing and they meet on Friday's.  So tomorrow I will be implementing my action plan. And, because my group is going to last for 3 sessions, my Days 20 and 21 will not be sequential with the daily challenges.  But that was something I anticipated and I will continue to share my progress in the 21 Day Daily Data Challenge.

DAY 20
So if you are on track with the Daily Data Challenges and implemented your action plan today, tomorrow is the day you will review your data, reflect on your action plan, and make any revisions necessary to improve your plan for the future.  You will be able to see and say how students are different because of what School Counselors do!

If you are interested in learning more about the 21 Day Daily Data Challenge you can read about it HERE.  Please share your data adventures on the Exploring School Counseling Facebook page or just stop by and like the page and check out what's happening there.

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