Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 17 of the 21 Day Daily Data Challenge

If you've been following along on the 21 Day Daily Data Challenge you've gathered, analyzed, and disaggregated your school data, chosen a goal and now you are ready to write your action plan.  I feel like such a data geek!  As I was sharing with my School Psychologist today about all that I had done I was positively giddy!  I know, giddy about data.  You're thinking, "That woman needs summer vacation, and soon!  She has lost her mind!"  But I'm telling you, when you start looking at all your data pieces and you see how all those data pieces begin to fit together, and how they impact each other, it is truly an exciting thing!

The Action Plan
I am going to utilize the ASCA form for a small group action plan.
As I stated yesterday, I will be using the behavior groups I already have in place.  With this action plan I will be using the ASCA  Mindset: Self confidence and the ability to succeed and the Behaviors: Demonstrate self-discipline and self-control and Demonstrate effective coping skills when faced with a problem. The outline of sessions will be distilled from the book Zones of Regulation. My process data identifies 9 boys from 3rd-5th grade.  Multiple choice surveys will be taken prior to the first group session and at the final session for the collecting of pre/post test data to measure perception data. Our outcome data will be seen at the end of the school year when we review our 4th quarter discipline referrals and student weekly classroom behavior reports.  This group will begin on Friday and will meet for a total of 3 sessions.

In order to start this group on Friday, I need to finish organizing my group lessons and think about the questions for my pre/post test. Permission slips are in place and students need to be prepared for the new focus in group for our remaining sessions.  I really am excited to see how this goes and am looking forward to sharing all that happens, good or bad.  We have a saying at our house, "All learning is valuable."  So even if I totally bomb this, I will share and reflect and maybe someone else will learn from my mistakes as well.

Day 18
This is the day to choose your start date, send permissions and do your pre-test.  Get ready!  It's almost time to start!

If you would like to know more about the 21 Day Daily Data Challenge please read more about it HERE.  You can also follow Exploring School Counseling on Facebook and share your own comments and experiences.

We're nearing the end of the 21 Day Daily Data Challenge.  I hope you have been enlightened by what you have learned.

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