Sunday, July 27, 2014

What I learned while setting up my blog.

As a new blogger, I am a little intimidated by this whole process of setting up a blog. While struggling with the technical aspects,  I wanted to make sure my blog had a welcoming, attractive look and was something I would be proud to share. The set up was difficult for me, and I found myself experiencing frustration and doubt about ever starting a blog. My thoughts were going in a dozen directions:  Is this the right way to edit?  Did I just delete all that I did?  What, I misspelled counseling???   What are gadgets anyway and do I really need them?  Is it "live" yet?  And then, of course, I am just a little concerned, no a lot concerned, about falling on my face!

 But as I stop to take a breath and reflect on this whole "setting up the blog" experience I realized, isn't this a lot like what I ask my students to do everyday? To learn and persevere, when mastering a new and unfamiliar or difficult skill?  While social skills may seem a natural thing to you and me, learning to admit you made a mistake, taking responsibility for your actions, saying you're sorry when you have an accident,  or even saying a simple please or thank you  can be a  task as difficult and intimidating for some kids as it has been for me to learn about setting up a  blog.  New skills, whether technological or social, take time, teaching, re-teaching, patience, and practice. 

So come the start of the new school year,when my students and I are working on social skills, I will be reminded of my technology struggles and the frustration I felt at acquiring new skills. And as we discuss and roleplay our social skills lessons, I will think about how my students are feeling and I will  take a little more time to re-teach, role  play,  and provide whatever extra support and encouragement needed for my students to achieve success.

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