Saturday, June 28, 2014

The birth of a blog.

 I have been lurking and reading the blogs of several incredible school counselors for about a year now, and have finally decided to join the family. I have been inspired by School Counselor Blog, JYJoyner Counselor, Scrapbook of a School Counselor, Savvy School Counselor, School Counseling by Heart, and The Helpful Counselor.  Today is the birth of my blog.  It has not been an easy birth.  Truthfully, it has been hard labor, but a real labor of love. The more than 36 hours  it has taken me to deliver this baby is way longer than I was in labor with both my children combined! Thank goodness for summer break!  But, as was the case with the birth of my own babies, after it was over, all I felt was love and pride.  So here she is, please meet my baby, the new kid of school counseling blogs, Exploring School Counseling.

Like her big sisters, Exploring School Counseling will  share tips, lessons, resources, and ideas.  I will also be drawing on my school experiences and that of my fabulous Westside PLC (Professional Learning Community) members to bring to these pages the ideas and happenings at our schools in central Florida. Our monthly meetings have been energizing and a real mental health boost to our group of elementary counselors. Look for the highlights from our Westside monthly minutes to be posted here on the last week of each month during the school year.  So many great things have come out of our PLC and I am looking forward to writing a post to share this awesome networking opportunity with everyone.

Well, the time has come to put this baby to bed.  I have to pack!!!  In all my years as a School Counselor, I have never been to ASCA.  So this year, with ASCA practically in my backyard how could I miss it?  For those of you who are unable to join us, I will be sharing about my ASCA experiences, favorite sessions, and any cool new resources I find right here on Exploring School Counseling.
Until next time...

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