Saturday, October 31, 2015

Red Ribbon Week Faculty Survey

Whew! A busy, but successful, week has come to a close.  RRW is a lot of fun and a lot of work!  Over the years, as standardized testing has overshadowed every single thing that happens on our campus, our RRW festivities have dwindled.  It is a very basic celebration which requires nothing more from teachers than passing out red ribbons on Monday, creating a class pledge poster, and dressing up each day for our theme.  It is simple, low stress and every one SEEMS to be enjoying the limited activities.  But as with any program you provide, you never really know how people feel unless you give them an opportunity to tell you, anonymously of course.  The best way to gauge the success of your RRW and your faculty response is to conduct a teacher survey.  Here are two I have used.  One is a paper survey which you can edit as needed and can put in their mailboxes. The other is a Google survey you can send as a link in an email.  Remember, with the Google form you must FIRST make a copy and rename it before sending it to your faculty or you will NOT be able to access your faculty responses.   To copy this form click on the black "edit this form" box.  When you see the gray "editable" version, click on the far left on "File."  Under the "File" drop down menu is "make a copy."  Click on "make a copy," rename your document, click OK and it will be in your Google Drive ready to access and edit and share.  Both the paper survey and Google form may be edited to fit your particular RRW activities and theme dress-up days.

It is sometimes hard to hear what others have to say about an event on which you have worked so hard, especially if there are things that did not go well or were not well received.  However, it is always a good idea to get feedback from your co-workers if you wish to earn/maintain their respect and support for future activities. This is one of the ways we learn and grow and create a program that meets the needs of our school.  So ask for their thoughts and suggestions and be prepared to make some changes for next year if necessary.  Also, make sure to publicly thank them for a great week. Maybe a staff email or morning announcement thanking everyone for their participation. Nothing goes further than an outward expression of gratitude.

I hope you find these tools helpful in assessing your Red Ribbon Week.  I'll be interested to hear what my faculty has to say.

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