Friday, March 13, 2015

The Good Choices Chart

I was recently working with a new 2nd grade teacher and was impressed with a daily behavior chart  (or a good choices chart as I like to call them) she was using with one of her students.  The chart was large, broken down into smaller time increments, focused on 2 behaviors she wanted to modify in the classroom, and was related to the popular color-coded clip up/down system.

What I loved about this chart is the picture cues and way she had broken down the day into more manageable bits.  This is exactly what I was needing for some of my younger students who were not having success with the morning/afternoon and hourly charts.  Another of my teachers has started using this chart with one of her very aggressive Kindergartners (with adjustments for her student's goals) and is having good success.  This chart is available also in Spanish.

So thanks to Tiffany Quimby (a 2nd grade teacher at my school) and her sister Renee Moncelsi (a teacher in a neighboring county) for giving me permission to share their creation with you.

I hope you find it useful with your primary age students too!

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