Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Freebie Resource Poster

Nicole and Danny
 While at my state conference in October I not only met many  wonderful School Counselors, but  I was lucky enough to  meet the future of School Counseling! Lining the hallways of  the convention center were enthusiastic graduate students working towards their School Counseling degree.  These future Counselors had prepared poster presentations on some excellent topics from cutting to managing classroom behaviors to legal issues and more.  All were very knowledgeable and eager to share about their topic  One pair, Nicole Setticase and Danny Keller, students in the Nova Southeastern University Masters program, created a poster that stood out to me.  It's simplicity and professionalism provides an awesome tool for School Counselors to reference when making decisions on several crucial issues and includes space for adding phone numbers and websites specific to your locale.  Nicole and Danny have given me permission to share their poster here with you.  Enjoy the fine work of these future School Counselors.  We will be lucky to add them to our profession.

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