Sunday, November 2, 2014

Step by Step Instructions for Creating Google Forms

Last weekend was our state convention  and the 50th Anniversary of the Florida  School Counseling Association.  It was a  great weekend filled with wonderful break  out sessions, inspiring key note speakers,  fantastic relevant professional  development, and sharing with my  Counselor Colleagues from around the  state.

Teresa, Treva, Jeannie and Brian ready to present.

At the FSCA Convention, I had the  opportunity to present with 3 of my  Counselor Colleagues from the Volusia  School Counselor Association.  Each of us  shared a best practice from our School  Counseling program.

Since I have spent alot of time reading about, designing,  sharing, and using Google forms, I  presented a PowerPoint with step by step  instructions to help School Counselors  begin creating their own. Many School  Counselors are already successfully using  Google forms everyday, others would like  to but are not sure where to start.  I hope  my  PowerPoint with its screen shots and  step by step instructions will encourage  anyone who has been hesitant to start using  this wonderful tool.

 We are part of a data driven profession  and too often School Counselors do not  have the specific data we would like to  show how our services are being utilized,  or what faculty, students, or parents are  indicating are their needs.  Regular users  of Google Forms can tell you these are just a few of the ways you can use forms to collect data to enhance your School Counseling program. Creating and using Google forms not only provides process, perception and outcome data, but visual representations in graphs and charts that can be shared with all the stakeholders whose decision making may impact your School Counseling program.

Happy 50th Anniversary FSCA!
Dr. Trish Hatch, prolific author and renown Counselor Educator, said at a FSCA session, "Principals don't know what we do or what they can count on (from us), so they assign the tasks that need to be done that may have nothing to do with School Counseling."  What better way to begin to show our administrators what we do than by using Google Forms?

Go ahead, get started, you have everything to gain!

Do you use Google Forms in your School Counseling program?  What types of forms have you designed to collect data for your program? I'd love to hear your ideas and comments!


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  2. Wow, thanks for your comment Russ! You are my tech hero! I loved hearing you at ASCA 2014 and at the pre-conference at FSCA this year. Thanks for sharing your link.

  3. Am a scgool counsellor Educator, and very happy to know about Google forms. It is a welcome idea.