Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New School Year, New Office! Again!

Time to move. Again.

Here We Go Again!
The 2013-2014 school year ended with the dreaded notice from my principal that I would be moving my office. Again. You have to understand, I have moved my office 6 times in the last six years. In two of those school years, I moved my office twice within the first 9 weeks of school because of gaining new classroom units.  My husband and son groan at my end of the school year announcement, but show up anyway to pack, move boxes, bring me a cold drink, and of course, bring more boxes. Luckily for me, this year, my son has a summer job at a local grocery store so I'm flush with those great banana boxes!

A little history...
For 9 years I sat happily in a medium size office with great windows next to the principal's and assistant principal's offices right in the thick of EVERYTHING that happened in my school.  Then six years ago my former principal moved me out of the main office and into a classroom.  At first I was indignant! What?! Be away from the action? The drop in visits by teachers? The cumulative folder storage area?  The teacher's bathroom?  The drama?  But, once I was over the initial shock of being "moved out," I  decided I needed to practice what I preach to my students.  I couldn't change my situation, but I could change my attitude about being moved.  So I  began to find the joy in being out of the main office and started to consider the numerous possibilities that having a classroom provided. Like for the first time in 18 years having ALL my files, counselor books, games, puppets, curriculum kits, arts and crafts supplies, etc. in ONE location.  Or, being able to set up for a class or group in my very own space, have access to technology and everything I needed at my fingertips and not having to do without, or share the teacher's computer, or "run real quick" to my office to get whatever item(s) I had forgotten. And groups and clubs and meetings! Finally, I had my own space to meet with them and some room to spread out, do some role playing, service learning projects, make posters and banners, and hold a homework club. My classroom also provided a place to host my now annual "Counselor Open House for Teachers" and PLC meetings for an entire grade level. I had plenty of room for parent/teacher conferences, Behavior Leadership Team meetings, and Student Success Team meetings. I didn't know what all I had been missing!

 A Great New Space!
With all these moves under my belt, I am now an old pro at packing and moving my stuff and setting up my space. Of course I have a wonderful husband  (who packs like a maniac) and a fabulous custodial crew who assist me, all with good humor and lots of jokes about yet another move.  But as you all know, when it comes to arranging the contents of all those boxes, there are some things you just have to do yourself.  So after 3 weeks of cleaning, unpacking, down sizing, de-cluttering, arranging and re-arranging my new space is complete.  Welcome to my Counseling Center!

My new office is in a portable classroom.



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